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The Network Is The System.

Effective sharing of resources on a continuing basis raises significant social and organisational issues reflected in the accounting, control, and allocation of resources... It also requires development of an appropriated supporting technology to provide ease of access, utilisation and control. CSUR September 1975…


Jul 01, 2008

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (historically the CIA model) have long been considered the main pillars upon which the security of every system is built. Hovewer a fourth pillar Accountability - the acknololedgement and assumption of responsability - is critical to information protection. By applying these four CIAA fundamentals of information security, you can greatly reduce your risk. Learn more at National institute of Standards and Technology .

Information Network

Jul 01, 2008

Computer networks complexity can be classified upon the scale, the technologies used to connect the devices, the topologies for resources access control.

Networking improve collaboration, information sharing, productivity: intelligent Network accelerate applications, business processes, and profitability.

Project Management

Jul 01, 2008

Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific one-time aim. A successfull project management is built upon four basic fundamentals Sponsor, Deliverables, Deadline and Dollars (SDDD).

A Project Management is divided in standard phases, each of those have associated activities: Plan to define the objectives, Design to ascertain detailed requirements, Implement and Manage .

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